Imagine living out of the irresistible impulse that takes you exactly where you want to be!

Our courses are designed to help and teach you how to uncover this irresistible impulse that

enables you live your best and most fulfilled life. 

Be the best you can be

Workbook content

Workbook content

  1. The power of imagination.
  2. The nature of energy and how it affects me.
  3. Affirmations as a tool for change.
  4. The relationship between the conscious and unconscious minds.
  5. How to set goals that work.
  6. Are you heading towards or away from your goal?
  7. What you resist persists.
  8. How to clarify and empower your goals.
  9. Preparation for best results.

Practical processes & exersices

  • How to visualize.
  • How to find the area of life to focus on now.
  • What would it be like if there were no iimits?
  • Your energy.
  • Which affirmations is right for you?
  • How to remove the cause of unwanted behaviour.
  • Complete goalsetting process
  • Is it a goal or just a state?
  • Clarifying your personal goals.
  • Keys to an achievable outcome.

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About the Author of this course

I was always intrigued and inspired by people who could prosper, make their fortune, be successful and have a happy life, totally against all odds; maybe their background was poor, not much education, or perhaps they were told by their parents and friends that they were no good and would never make it in life. One person would take all persecution to heart and become no good, even a burden to society, while another person in the same little village would rise above it all and have a better life than you and me. The power of your mind. I have researched and explored the power of the mind from many different angles over the last 40 years, and whether it was science, quantum physics, religion, spirituality or new age, there are certain common denominators I have for the longest time held Personal Development Seminars in the UK and Norway based on the content of this website.

Vigdis Parkins