Following the clear and to the point step-by-step processes in the courses will take you from living a life that is just happening to you, towards a life of fulfillment, where you are in control and "in the flow".

You will experience that the life you are living is more and more

resembling who you really are.

o  Access the courses any time online.
o  Work your way through the courses at your own convenience.
o  Just continue where you left off.

Watch the easy to follow tutorials, answer the questions, do the suggested tasks and exercises, and observe your life changing.

Our courses

Section 1
Create the life that is resembling who
you really are.
Section 2
Uncover what is
holding you back.
Clarify and empower your goals and dreams.

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About us



• Certified Trainer and Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)

• Master Practitioner of Time Line Therapy

• Certified Trainer of Hypnosis

• Qualified Life Coach and Hypnotherapist.

Ivor Bailey works as a successful therapist, achievement coach and personal and business development consultant. Several years ago he began his quest to discover how to enable everyone to create the life of their dreams. Having spent his whole career in training and education – in industry and the public sector – he is able to present the material in such a way that anyone can gain mastery. His unique style and wide experience are reflected in all of his trainings. Ivor can take complex ideas and explain them in a clear and simple way so that everyone can understand and learn. His main priorities are to facilitate personal change and empower every student to apply what they have learned to both themselves and others. You will receive deep insights that will ensure you make a quantum leap in both your personal and professional development. These profound experiences will live with you long after the training finishes!


Self-improvement mentor, Certified NLP Practitioner

I was always intrigued and inspired by people who could prosper, make their fortune, be successful and have a happy life, totally against all odds; maybe their background was poor, not much education, or perhaps they were told by their parents and friends that they were no good and would never make it in life.

One person would take all persecution to heart and become no good, even a burden to society, while another person in the same little village would rise above it all and have a better life than you and me.

I have researched and explored the power of the mind and what separates us from living the life we really want to live from many different angles over the last 40 years, and whether it was science, quantum physics, religion, spirituality or new age, there are certain common denominators which I share in my courses.

I have for the longest time held Self-Improvement seminars in the UK and Norway as well as given talks on conferences around Europe based on the content of this website.

The purpose and goal with my course series is to provide a way for you to work through all the obstacles in your life right now and get in touch with who you really are deep inside. In so doing you are sure to experience the state of love, joy and happiness and in turn share and reflect this back into your families and environment.