Imagine living out of the irresistible impulse that takes you exactly where you want to be!

Our courses are designed to help and teach you how to uncover this irresistible impulse that

enables you live your best and most fulfilled life. 

Tools to help you uncover what is holding you back

Topics covered in this course

How to clarify and empower your goals

You make new year resolutions year after year, and ten years later you are still making the same resolutions. Why are they not happening? We will take your goal through a step-by-step clarification process and then empower your goal for fulfilment.


Are you heading towards or away from your goal?

A step-by-step guide on how to realise your goals and dreams. We will check that your dream is an actual dream or goal. We will talk about how to create your personal affirmation based on your dream. We will use what we know about the nature of energy and the power of imagination to build a clear intention to reach your goals and dreams. Then we will infuse and empower your dream with all it needs to attract that exact reality into your life.


Are you resisting what you really want?

Maybe you are resisting or fearing what you want? Why is that? Perhaps you have settled for less and are happy with wanting and not having? Uncover if you are resisting what you really want and remove the obstacles that delay reaching your goals and dreams. In this course, you will discover how to allow that what you want. 


  • Wheel of life
  • How to set goals that work -the process.
  • Affirmations as a tool for change
  • NLP's state or goal
  • NLP's -SMART module
  • NLP's -The Keys to an Achievable Outcome
  • Pink balloon technique

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About the Author of this course

  • Personal development training
  • Certified NLP Practitioner

I was always intrigued and inspired by people who could prosper, make their fortune, be successful and have a happy life, totally against all odds; maybe their background was poor, not much education, or perhaps they were told by their parents and friends that they were no good and would never make it in life. One person would take all persecution to heart and become no good, even a burden to society, while another person in the same little village would rise above it all and have a better life than you and me. The power of your mind. I have researched and explored the power of the mind from many different angles over the last 40 years, and whether it was science, quantum physics, religion, spirituality or new age, there are certain common denominators I have for the longest time held Personal Development Seminars in the UK and Norway based on the content of this website.