NLP Practitioner Certification

The NLP certifications are fully approved and internationally recognized by some of the most widely accepted international boards:

▷ British Association of NLP

▷ American Board of NLP

​After completion of the courses below, you can apply for The NLP Practitioner Certification (at an additional fee), which is a set of questions and tasks you have to submit. Please contact us when you are ready.

Your amazing brain

Neuro-Linguistic Programming. NLP is the study of how our minds work, how we interact with it and how that results in certain behaviours. This enables us to improve our thinking, reactions and emotions. In other words, we take much greater control of our lives and accomplish much more of what we want. 

Courses included in this module


The underlying model it’s all built on;

  • Empowering beliefs that will change the way you experience and interact with the world around you.
  • A simple model of communication that will enable you to always get your message across.
  • Discover and take control of the links between your mind and body.


Language Patterns - use language with awareness, elegance and precision;

Learn to use the language patterns, modelled on the master hypnotherapist Milton Erickson M.D., to induce trance effortlessly. Use language patterns to gain greater acceptance of your message in all areas of life. Ask questions that get you the information you need with speed and precision. Challenge and overcome objections elegantly. Know just the right question to get to the very root of a problem. Learn powerful conversational techniques to assist someone in changing their mind. Negotiate with elegance. Gain agreement on opposing points of view in minutes.


Well-Formed Outcomes - the keys to goal achievement;

How to set goals so that you achieve them.

Ask questions that enable someone else to get totally clear about their objectives.


Submodalities - taking charge of your brain;

Learn how to use your brain’s programming language.

Discover how someone internally structures their beliefs and how to change them.

Use submodalities to quickly change unwanted feelings and behaviours.

Use the SWISH pattern to rapidly break unwanted habits.


Anchoring - the power of associative conditioning at your fingertips;

Use resource anchors to strengthen your personal resources and your ability to access them at any time.

Collapse anchors to remove the bad feelings from past experiences.

Create powerful chains of resources to get people out of “stuck” states like procrastination or confusion.


how we use our five senses;

Discover how we see, hear, and feel the world.

Learn to match another person’s preferred system to create rapport and deep understanding.

Read another’s eye movements to discover how they are thinking.


Strategies - the unconscious processes we use to create all our behaviour;

Discover and utilise someone’s decision-making strategy.

Find out how your customers decide to buy and fine-tune your sales process to precisely fit buying strategies.

Change your less useful strategies for more useful ones and use your effective strategies more often.


Rapport - the corner-stone to persuasion and influence;

Quickly get on someone’s wavelength.

Discover the real secrets to body language.

Match and mirror physiology so that people unconsciously identify with you.

Use your voice to build rapport rapidly on the telephone.

Elegantly disagree with others whilst maintaining rapport.


NLP Frames. - How to deal with challenging situations and feel different about it. 


Parts - the key to personal congruence and focus;

Learn to work with parts to resolve internal conflict and gain congruence and clarity.


You will find detailed suggestions of how to apply NLP in the various areas of daily living. 

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About the Author of this course

  • Certified Trainer and Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)
  • Master Practitioner of Time Line Therapy
  • Certified Trainer of Hypnosis
  • Qualified Life Coach and Hypnotherapist.

Ivor Bailey works as a successful therapist, achievement coach and personal and business development consultant. Several years ago, he began his quest to discover how to enable everyone to create the life of their dreams. Having spent his whole career in training and education – in industry and the public sector – he is able to present the material in such a way that anyone can gain mastery. His unique style and wide experience are reflected in all of his trainings. Ivor can take complex ideas and explain them in a clear and simple way so that everyone can understand and learn. His main priorities are to facilitate personal change and empower every student to apply what they have learned to both themselves and others. You will receive deep insights that will ensure you make a quantum leap in both your personal and professional development. These profound experiences will live with you long after the training finishes!